Activities near Topsham

There is plenty to see and do in Topsham, but should you want to travel a little further here are some fun activities nearby that are suitable for either sunny or rainy days.


Go Ape Haldon is the gateway to fun and adventure on the moors. You’ll find us 15-minutes from Exeter nestled in 3,500-acres of woodland. Whether sat on top of a tree or moving between sites on the course you’ll get to appreciate the beauty of the Dartmoor landscape.

Exeter is the only city in the UK to have underground passages of this type. Guided tours have taken place here since the 1930s. Today the passages are lit throughout, but still fascinate for all who enter. These medieval passages have always fascinated local people. There are stories of wars and sieges, plague and pestilence. They were designed to bring clean drinking water from natural springs outside the walled city. 

Explore fascinating displays and galleries, inspirational exhibitions, and modern amenities at Exeter’s world-class museum.
Discover Devon and Exeter’s rich history and global connections, be delighted by colourful animals, birds and insects, step into a world of innovative contemporary art, and travel the globe in our World Cultures galleries.